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Open SUNY Information

Shared Catalog/Single Bib Regional Meeting Presentation (pdf)


SUNY Library Catalogs

SBII - SUNY Business Intelligence Initiative

The Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) serves the automation and library resource needs of the libraries of the State University of New York.

SUNYConnect is a joint initiative of the OLIS and the libraries of the 64 SUNY campuses to share collections and services across the State University of New York.

SUNYConnect includes:

The implementation of the Ex Libris library management system, ALEPH500, used for both administrative and research needs of all SUNY libraries.

SUNYConnect Union Catalog allows searching of all SUNY library collections through a single web interface. The Union Catalog permits inter-library loan requests for books not available at a user's campus library.

Shared electronic resources: SUNY-wide subscriptions to databases spanning the academic disciplines allow for significantly greater library resource access than what would be available to the individual libraries.

SUNY Digital Repository: the digital repository includes a growing collection of documents and resources specific to the research and the cultural/historical impact of many of the SUNYConnect institutions.

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